Drawing cartoons

The Halifax Art Society’s meeting on the 11th August was different from the usual form. Annie Lawson, our demonstrator for the morning, certainly gave us something to think about. It was cartoons!

She gave us an insight to her life as an artist, poet and knitter of toys. One day Annie drew people as stick figures with their speech in bubbles and people understood the deeper meaning. Later she refined them to more realistic ones. The second half of the morning was given over to a workshop in which Annie explained how she works: First get your story; then pick out points that you think will carry your message easily.

We spent our working session on the 18th August making little books from scratch.  We thoroughly enjoyed this as it is something most of us had never tried before. Some may be made into story books or zines, as we had seen the previous week. We think we will have to do this again soon.

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