Sue Smith’s pastel demo

Last Friday, 23 of our members came in spite of the heat to enjoy Sue Smith’s demonstration ‘Animal Portrait in Pastels’.

We watched in wonder as a dog’s portrait emerged from the black ‘Wet&Dry Sanding Paper’ which Sue prefers. She used hard pastels first for the dark tones, then changed to soft pastels and later to pastel pencils. To give texture she drew tiny strokes in the direction the fur grows. The dog appeared in amazing depth.

Next session we will try working in pastels ourselves.


Woodland scene with William Gall

The Friday meeting of the Halifax Art Society welcomed Mr William Gall as their demonstrator on the 22nd June. His remarkable skill is his use of acrylic paint.

He chose as his subject a woodland scene and worked on a larger than portrait style canvas, which was already prepared with white acrylic. After roughly drawing in trees, he used a pallet knife to cover them with white acrylic and made branch like scratches with the knife. As he worked he gave us lots of advice and his use of a very limited pallet produced some amazing colours.

His finished painting was inspirational and we all admired it greatly. We shall put into practice all that he has taught us at our next meeting.
On the 6th of July Sue Smith will demonstrate ‘Animal Portrait in Pastels’.