Speedy portraits

On 31st March, Lynda led a workshop on fast portaits. It involved sketching portraits of each other, using only fine-line pens, each one being done in less than 20 minutes. Pens and paper were provided. At the end of the morning a ‘Rogues Gallery’ was set up. This was a challenging but really fun day, with members producing some lovely work.


Outdoor Drawing

On the 14th October we were invited to an Outdoor Drawing workshop at Dean Clough with Jake Attree at his studio.  He talked through some of his drawings done using only a biro – they were very striking.

After Jake gave a short demonstration of his technique, we found a spot either outside or indoors looking out of window and drew in biro what we could see. Everyone enjoyed this unique experience.

Some members stayed at the Hall and drew an industrial landscape from photographs provided.