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It’s been a year?

Seeing ‘ AGM ‘ in a program will put off some people. However, last Friday morning ‘AGM’ attracted many to the Halifax Art Society meeting, as members know it doesn’t mean only ‘business’.

We soon had tea with strawberry & cream scones and then enjoyed Lynne Hickin’s excellent PowerPoint presentation of the last year. We hadn’t realised we had been so busy!!


Demonstration by Tracey Krupianka

The Halifax Art Society once again experienced an unforgettable morning. This time with Tracey Krupianka.

She painted some hills in acrylics using a brush, only to change them with a palette knife into mountains with a few strokes. Water got ruffled with waves created with quick movements of a flat brush. When a wonderful Scottish Scene was developed, we were given a further treat: Tracey painted amazing roses and leaves within minutes, just filling the brush with different colours of paint and then twisting the brush. We were all mesmerized!

The 27th will give members a chance to put into practice what we have seen done with palette knives.