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Going for Gold

At the meeting on Friday morning the Halifax Art Society welcomed Brian Abram, the author of ‘Grandad goes for Gold’. Lynne Hickin, the illustrator, stands next to him on the photo below. The chairman of HAS, Lynda Thomas, is showing the brand new third book in the series.  Hannah Cockroft, the world famous Paralympian, is featured in the book.

All proceeds of the sale will continue to go to The Spinal Injuries Association and Back Up.


The old beech

After a few of our members met up in Manor Heath Park recently, member Brigitte has finished and shared her picture.

The photograph below from the Halifax Courier shows some of the park’s trees surrounding the Victorian mansion before it was demolished in 1958. Three years later the new sunken garden in the mansion’s original footprint was opened, and the sundial where our members met up was placed at its centre.


Meet at the sundial

For the second time in these difficult Covid-19 days, some members of the Halifax Art Society met at the old sundial at the top of Manor Heath Park for some sketching.

Last Tuesday we brought our own chairs along and even gladly sat in the shade of the mighty old beech, as we had unwittingly picked one of the last glorious days of this summer. Who knows when we can finally be back to our normal Friday morning sessions in Godfrey Road.


Staying in touch

We have not able to meet up for our art sessions for many weeks now. However, the wonderful weather will have tempted some members to do outdoor sketching or even painting in the garden.

The Facebook users among us will now be familiar with the ‘Keep in touch’ challenges which Lynda Thomas is posting every Friday to help give everyone a little inspiration. Where possible we have been following the original syllabus for the months.We plan to keep this project going until we are able to meet up and enjoy painting together again.

This last week Lynne Hickin prepared a worksheet and some interesting and different ideas on the theme of ‘Paint the Ancestors’ which is available for members. 

A couple of weeks ago we had ‘Shiny Things’ listed on our syllabus and just to give some ideas you can set up a couple of ‘Still Life’ compositions in your kitchen, maybe even some silver items polished for the occasion; or you could use shiny pottery, spoons or any thing that reflects. Some members will have a go at the challenges and will display their work on our Facebook page.