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Alice through the Illustrators

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was the subject for the Halifax Art Society last Friday. Lynne Hickin gave an illustrated talk entitled ‘Alice through the Illustrators’ and we looked at many of the artists who have added their illustrations to the story.

Originally published in 1865, the story has never been out of print. John Tenniel was responsible for the original illustrations and many other artists have given their visions of Alice as soon as copyrights allowed it, including Salvador Dali, Ralph Steadman and Robert Ingpen.

As Lynne was using a microphone everybody of the large audience could follow easily. We all found our favourite among all the different copies Lynne had brought along.

On the 23rd we are going to learn from Lynne how to develop an illustration.


Winter scenes

Well done to our intrepid members who braved the weather last Friday. We also had cake at break time thanks to David.

The pictures from this week’s workshop are work-in-progress ‘Winter Scene in any Medium’ following on from last week’s demonstration.

On the 9th March Carol Pope will lead a workshop ‘Drawing by numbers’.


Winter wonderland

The Halifax Art Society’s Friday meeting had Jane Austin as their demonstrator. The title of her demonstration was ‘A Winter Scene in Watercolour’.

The chosen scene was of the Austrian town Zell-am-See. Jane is very gifted at using tools other than the usual artist’s brush. Twigs, feathers, cocktail sticks, candles and chalk all created magic in her hands. Jane gave us a non-stop commentary on how and why she was using each of these tools. The end painting was wonderful and we all look forward to putting Jane’s advice and tips into practice at our next meeting.



The Friday meeting of the Halifax Art Society was very challenging. No pencil and paper, no brush and paint but a glue gun, ‘bits and pieces’ and some work from our recent ‘marbling session’.

Our demonstrator for the morning was Sue Cordingley who gave us a brief talk on ‘Mudlarking and Beachcombing’. A demonstration of what to do with your finds followed. Showing us pictures of her work jogged us into thinking ‘yes I could do something like that’. It was amazing how one thought led to another and we all came away with creative work that held memories of the past.

On the 16th February we are going to complete our assemblages.


Landscape workshop

Friday’s meeting of the Halifax Art Society was a ‘follow up’ of the previous week’s acrylic demonstration by Paul Talbot-Greaves. Some of the members were new to the use of acrylic and the advice that Paul had offered us was very useful. Some members preferred to do a landscape in their favourite medium. At the end of the meeting there were many pleasing paintings for the members to be proud of.

On the 9th February there will be a ‘Talk & Workshop’ titled ‘Mudlarking and Assemblages’.