Marbling workshop

Lynda and Philip led a workshop on marbling on 4th November. All materials were provided, we just had to bring an apron.

There were different coloured ink paints with pipettes, tubs filled with a special clear solution, various materials such as paper, cards, toothpicks, forks etc. Lynda talked through the cards, booklets, decorations etc she had made as examples of what can be done using the marbling technique then gave a demo.

Lynda placed small drops of different coloured ink on the surface of the solution and created a design using a toothpick. She placed a piece of card on the surface and then took it out to dry. The result is quite striking.

Dennis organised and led an Ebru workshop, which is the Turkish way of marbling using black ink.

We all had great fun creating different designs.


Pole to pole

The Halifax Art Society started the new year with a workshop led by Janet Gledhill. About 22 members came along with a couple of child visitors, this was a good number considering the Christmas season.

Janet was inspired by a question from her father when she was a child – “Why don’t the polar bears eat the penguins?” She read us a couple of poems, one of them about Scott’s ill-fated Antarctic expedition, and provided plenty of pictures from both the North and South Poles to inspire us.

On the 17th January Naseem Darbey will talk about ‘Approach to Drawing ‘ in connection with a workshop. 


Figures on a beach

Last week HAS member Janet Gledhill led the session ‘Figures on a beach’. She gave very useful advice, displayed a vast collection of beach photos and magazines and even had thought of tracing paper. So we all worked hard and enjoyed the morning thoroughly.

From the 26th July to 9th August there will be an alternative programme, as All Saints Parish Hall will undergo some renovations. On the 26.7. we will meet at the usual time 10:30 – 1 pm, but at the Skircoat Green Allotments for Outdoor Sketching.