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Myths and Legends

Last Friday the Halifax Art Society learned that myths, legends, stories, imagination and colour are part of the make up of Barry Cook’s work. Members enjoyed learning all about school days, college days and the processes of creating such imaginative work. We all had a go at creating characters – not an easy thing to do in a few minutes.

On the 23rd Stephen Coates will give a demo of ‘Skies in Watercolour’.


Parliament in session

Last Friday, members of the Halifax Art Society came together as usual at All Saints Parish Hall in Skircoat Green to the workshop ‘A Parliament of Owls’ led by Lynda Thomas. She had brought many illustrations of owls and we were encouraged to draw, paint, do paper cuts or even to do Lino prints.The session from 10:30 to 1 pm quickly passed.

On the 9th November artist Barry Cook will give a talk and will lead a mini workshop, so we are required to bring sketchbooks along.


Sketch sketch sketch!

The Halifax Art Society‘s Friday meeting held a workshop on the importance of using a sketch book, run by Dorothy Simister.

Most of the members knew Dorothy and were aware of her techniques as an artist, and her helpful advice was readily given. Dorothy brought her many sketch books to show us how she does quick drawings/paintings whilst on walking holidays. She used our screen and projector to show us photos of landscapes that she wished us to sketch using Inktense pencils or watercolour. A few minutes were allotted to each task and we quickly found that we had no time to bother with detail. Concentrating on lights and darks, format and colour became most important.

We met as usual at 10:30 am at ‘All Saints Parish Hall’, Godfrey Road in Halifax.


Artists at War

Last Friday the Halifax Art Society had a memorable morning session from 10:30 to 1pm of a different kind.

Dr. Tom Ratcliffe gave an illustrated talk about ‘Artists at War’. He started with a picture on an oak panel by Paolo Uccello ‘The Battle of San Romano’ from the 15th century, with the top cut off to fit a bed chamber in those days. The artist was not present at the scene and used accounts of the event. The following pictures were principally centred around the first World War, but in the end we even learned about Henry Moore’s moving ‘London Underground Shelter’ from 1940.

The HAS meets weekly in ‘All Saints Hall’ in Godfrey Road, Skircoat Green.