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Parliament members join HAS

Nobody from the Halifax Art Society will forget last Friday’s meeting, as we had ‘Wise Owl Bird of Prey Rescue’ from Huddersfield visiting with several of her birds. We learned about their characters and habits and had two hours to do sketches and pictures. The birds were so tame that we could study their magnificent feathers, beaks and claws as close as we dared to come.

On the 6th March Terry Chipp will give a ‘Demonstration Palimpsest’. The term palimpsest is used to denote an object or a piece of art made or worked upon for one purpose and later reused for another.


Fast reactions

Last Friday members of the Halifax Art Society had to be both ‘quick on the draw’ and ‘quick with the paint’ at Dorothy Simister’s workshop.

She put up a slide taken on one of her lovely walks in various countries on the screen for just ten minutes.  In this time, we had to do a quick drawing in pen and ink, and then complete a quick watercolour sketch, before the slide was changed!

On the 28th February Lynne Hickin will lead a workshop ‘Watercolour and Doodles’. Bring watercolours and fine point pens.