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Fast and loose

Last Friday our member Lynne Hickins gave us a session once again, this time in working ‘Fast and Loose’ on large papers.  Too often people are working tightly with small movement. Now we learned to stand up, stretch our arms and grab the charcoal or big graphite from above. Then we even changed to the left hand . Many of us found it very liberating and judged that work as better! After the tea/coffee break we had many pictures to choose from and created a final piece of work.


My favourite watercolour

Our member Carol Pope had organised a very different memorable Friday morning. She had asked us to bring one of our favourite finished water colour paintings. Then one by one we explained our thoughts and circumstances leading up to creating just that piece of work. Some people brought in a famous picture. 

After the coffee break we then started painting a new water colour.


Stained glass windows

Our member Philip Hickin had organised a follow-up session to the talk last week about Tiffany windows. He had provided books, photos and many copies of Tiffany windows in black and white for members to colour in according to their choice. In addition there were bookmarks where we could slide in finished small pictures. We were soon so absorbed in our work that you could have heard a pin drop.