Pastel workshop

Last Friday the Halifax Art Society enjoyed a workshop at All Saints Parish Church Hall at Skircoat Green in Halifax. Members could use materials provided as part of the workshop.

On the 13th September ‘Visionary Drawing with Edward Fos’ will surely attract a lot of members from 10:30am to 1pm.


Pastel seascapes

At the Friday morning session many members of the Halifax Art Society watched Matthew Evans produce three pastel seascapes with detailed and funny comments.

We learned that paper has to have sufficient ‘tooth’ to take the pastel. Watercolour paper will work, but different grades and colours of abrasive paper will produce more vibrant colours.You can even use a brush with a bit of water to highlight some areas.

On Friday 6th September, from 10:30 to 1 pm, the topic will be ‘Bees, butterflies and bugs’, when Lynda Thomas will lead a lino printing session.


Landscape workshop

On Friday 21st June, members of the Halifax Art Society met at ‘All Saints Parish Hall’ in Skircoat Green at the usual time of 10:30 for a working session ‘Landscape in any Medium’.

The results are amazing and tell of their talents.

The Hall will be closed July 22nd till August 12th for renovations and an alternate programme is published on our website.


Feeling inspired

Halifax Art Society members are often inspired by the artists who visit to demonstrate their skills and after a visit by pastel artist Sue Smith, Lynne Hickin was inspired to use her pastels.


You may recognise the subject as’ Another Place’ by Anthony Gormley at Crosby Beach which we visited in September 2016.

“INSPIRATION is the title of our next exhibition at the Hebden Bridge Visitor Centre. and runs from 1st – 30th September.  The centre is open daily 10:00-17:00.