Illustrations with Simon Mansfield

Simon Manfield 1 Sept 2017

The Friday meeting of the Halifax Art Society was certainly different for us. Our syllabus secretary Lynne Thomas had booked for us local artist Simon Mansfield, whose recent commission was that of illustrating a book of Orkney poems by G.M. Brown. There were seven poems in all and these were read out one by one by Simon.

After each, he showed us his illustration in the beautifully crafted book. Simon gave us fascinating background information and shared his thoughts with us on the inspiration for his illustrations; he drew them either in pen and ink or gouache. The most popular poem and illustration appeared to be about a chicken that met an untimely end.

The next public meeting on the 22nd September will be unusual, as we are planning to follow a DVD by Anthony Barrow to paint a ‘Watercolour of a Mediterranean Scene’.

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