Art and Craft festival

Members of the Halifax Art Society contributed art works and supported the event at the Piece Hall last weekend. In particular, quite a few sunflower pictures were sold and all the proceeds from those sales went to Overgate Hospice.

The whole event went really well and it was helped by the fine weather, which meant there were a lot of visitors to the Piece Hall. The Caygill Rooms were a super venue and the whole exhibition looked very good. 

 The high quality of the entries was much appreciated.


Just a quick sketch

When our members Philip and Lynne Hickin visited Parklands Primary School last December together with ‘Grandad Wheels’, Lynne drew a quick sketch portrait of head teacher Chris Dyson and now it is in his new book!

Dyson had been one of the strongest supporters of the Grandad Wheels books and so when the fourth Grandad Wheels book ‘Grandad in the Grotto’ was published, a visit was arranged to Parklands. Lynne presented him with a portrait as a ‘thank you’ for all his support.

Now Chris Dyson has written his own book ‘Parklands: A School built on Love’ about the transformation of the school he took over nine years ago. Lynne’s sketch appears in the book which will be available at the end of the month.

Guardian article on Chris Dyson

Lynne and Philip’s visit to Parklands

One of the Parklands children also drew the portrait of Lynne, from the photo in her biography in the first Grandad Wheels book!