Art Activist Barbie

At the beginning of March, Dr. Sarah Williamson illustrated talk with ‘Art Activist Barbie’ on creative subversion in galleries and museums.

Dr. Sarah Williamson from the University of Huddersfield, with the help of a Barbie doll, is on a mission to highlight the lack of female artists represented in our galleries and museums.

Barbie, with the aid of a fabulous wardrobe and armed with mini placards is cleverly photographed in front of various paintings and statues, protesting at the way that women are portrayed as scantily clad/naked maids and sirens throughout history. ArtActivistBarbie has a world-wide following on Twitter and has even been to Westminster to highlight her campaign to ministers.

Sarah’s talk sparked a lot of lively discussion with members. She was thanked by Lynda who presented Sarah with a new Barbie to help her with future campaigns.