Mr Leaper and the Snowdog

Last week Chris Leaper gave an interesting talk about how he created his Snowdog. Chris entered a ‘Wild in Art’ competition that supported The Kirkwood hospice in Kirklees. The Snowdog was inspired by Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman & The Snowdog book sequel. There were in total 31 large and 36 small, differently decorated Snowdog sculptures that created a spectacular art trail during September to early November 2022 around Kirklees. All 31 large sculptures were sold at an auction.

Chris entered a sketch of his idea ‘The Kirklees Rocket’ which was based on the railway stations in Kirklees. The body of the Snowdog was painted to resemble steel plates and rivets of old steam locomotives. It also displayed all the current connections and operating railway stations of Kirklees with Huddersfield at the centre.

We then had a go at creating our own Snowdog design on the template Chris provided. He also brought pictures of other designs. We had a really enjoyable morning.