Winter scene in Watercolour

Our president Paul Talbot-Greaves, associate of the British Watercolour Society, gave a demonstration ‘Winter scene in Watercolour’ on the morning of the 11th of January.

More than 30 people had come to All Saints Parish Hall on Godfrey Road in Skircoat Green to watch and listen. Everyone enjoyed a good experience thanks to our microphone and cameras, giving a good view. Beforehand Paul had drawn in pencil the snowy scene he had photographed in Calderdale.Then he developed his amazing picture in watercolour with interesting comments.

On the 25th January David Starkey will give a ‘Demonstration of Trees in Oils’.


Winter wonderland

The Halifax Art Society’s Friday meeting had Jane Austin as their demonstrator. The title of her demonstration was ‘A Winter Scene in Watercolour’.

The chosen scene was of the Austrian town Zell-am-See. Jane is very gifted at using tools other than the usual artist’s brush. Twigs, feathers, cocktail sticks, candles and chalk all created magic in her hands. Jane gave us a non-stop commentary on how and why she was using each of these tools. The end painting was wonderful and we all look forward to putting Jane’s advice and tips into practice at our next meeting.

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