Secret Art Show

One of our members, Janet Gledhill, has had a piece accepted for an anonymous online art exhibition which is raising funds for a multiple sclerosis charity.

Over 470 works of art are up for grabs in the MS Trust’s Secret Art Show, covering a wide range of topics and techniques.  Each piece measures 12cm x 12cm and is sold anonymously, with the artists signature on the back so the buyer will not know who the artist is until they receive the artwork.

The show has been runing for the last seven years and have raised over £100,000 for the charity.  As all pieces are sold without the artists’ name being known it is possible to pick up a CD case sized work of art by an internationally acclaimed artist or by an up-and-coming new artist for the same price.

The gallery will be revealed at on Monday 11th April and sales will open at 9am on Monday 18th April.  Each artwork will be on sale for £45.

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