Marbling workshop

Lynda and Philip led a workshop on marbling on 4th November. All materials were provided, we just had to bring an apron.

There were different coloured ink paints with pipettes, tubs filled with a special clear solution, various materials such as paper, cards, toothpicks, forks etc. Lynda talked through the cards, booklets, decorations etc she had made as examples of what can be done using the marbling technique then gave a demo.

Lynda placed small drops of different coloured ink on the surface of the solution and created a design using a toothpick. She placed a piece of card on the surface and then took it out to dry. The result is quite striking.

Dennis organised and led an Ebru workshop, which is the Turkish way of marbling using black ink.

We all had great fun creating different designs.



The Friday meeting of the Halifax Art Society was very challenging. No pencil and paper, no brush and paint but a glue gun, ‘bits and pieces’ and some work from our recent ‘marbling session’.

Our demonstrator for the morning was Sue Cordingley who gave us a brief talk on ‘Mudlarking and Beachcombing’. A demonstration of what to do with your finds followed. Showing us pictures of her work jogged us into thinking ‘yes I could do something like that’. It was amazing how one thought led to another and we all came away with creative work that held memories of the past.

On the 16th February we are going to complete our assemblages.


Marbling workshop

At Friday’s meeting of the Halifax Art Society, Lynda Thomas and Philip Hicken ran an art marbling workshop. The first part started with Lynda floating acrylic paint on a liquid base. After swirling the paint around, paper was floated onto the surface. When the paper was lifted, the surface of the paper was covered in a beautiful swirl of colour. The paper was then put aside to dry.

Now it was Philip’s turn. He explained how to make use of this lovely art work. Philip had made cut out cards of swans, behind which you put the marbling to create an attractive greetings card. He gave us further advice on how to make use of the marbling work that we had created.

On the 26th January our president Paul Talbot- Greaves will demonstrate ‘Landscapes in Acrylic’. Everybody in the All-Saints-Hall will be able to watch him working, as Paul will be using his magnifying equipment.