Fast reactions

Last Friday members of the Halifax Art Society had to be both ‘quick on the draw’ and ‘quick with the paint’ at Dorothy Simister’s workshop.

She put up a slide taken on one of her lovely walks in various countries on the screen for just ten minutes.  In this time, we had to do a quick drawing in pen and ink, and then complete a quick watercolour sketch, before the slide was changed!

On the 28th February Lynne Hickin will lead a workshop ‘Watercolour and Doodles’. Bring watercolours and fine point pens. 


Aboriginal Dot Painting

Last Friday members of the Halifax Art Society learned about Aboriginal Dot Painting from Lynda Thomas. This was new to most of us. It is only known in literature for a few decades, as the knowledge was passed on orally, in body painting or in displays on sand etc.

We enjoyed applying dots of  acrylic paint on black paper, being intrigued by the possibilities of printing with the end of pencils, screws etc. until the paint faded more and more.

On the 14th February there will be a ‘Quick Draw Workshop’ with watercolours and water based black pens. 


An approach to drawing

Last Friday we had a demonstration of a different kind. Naseem Darbey came for the second time to convey her ‘Approach to Drawing’. We learned that you can even ‘draw’ with your sewing machine on soluble sort of paper. Or you can travel to the Netherlands to a certain Textile Museum to use their special sewing machine covering wire, thus creating unusual pieces of three dimensional art!

After the break Naseem showed us different ways of drawing in a hands-on workshop.

On the 31st January Lynda Thomas offers a workshop on ‘Aboriginal Dot Painting’. 


Keepsake collages

The Halifax Art Society came together on the 10th to make good use of some of the lovely cards members had received for Christmas. We cut and glued and created collages or decorated boxes as keepsakes.

On the 24th January Lynne Hickin will lead a workshop titled ‘Migration’ using paints, water colours, scissors and glue, thinking of the migration of animals, birds or people.