Edward Foster workshop

Last Friday about 30 members of the Halifax Art Society came together for a ‘Edward Foster Workshop’ at Skircoat Green.

For the second time Edward led us skilfully to some imaginative drawing.  He is known in many parts of the world for his unusual way of developing imaginative drawings from real objects.

On the 27th September there will be a demonstration by Tracey Krupianka at our usual venue in Halifax. And don’t forget there are a few more days left to visit our exhibition at Halifax Minster


A change in perspective

On Friday 16th August, many members of the Halifax Art Society met again  at ‘All Saints Hall’ on Skircoat Green and learned a lot in a ‘Perspective Workshop’ with Philip Hickin.

We were puzzled seeing an engraving by William Hogarth titled ‘Satire on False Perspective’ containing 22 errors but were told that it was deliberately produced that way in the 18th century.

In the second half of the morning we used our rulers and pencils following Philip’s instructions to create a road with lots of street lights all in perspective.