Woodland scene with William Gall

The Friday meeting of the Halifax Art Society welcomed Mr William Gall as their demonstrator on the 22nd June. His remarkable skill is his use of acrylic paint.

He chose as his subject a woodland scene and worked on a larger than portrait style canvas, which was already prepared with white acrylic. After roughly drawing in trees, he used a pallet knife to cover them with white acrylic and made branch like scratches with the knife. As he worked he gave us lots of advice and his use of a very limited pallet produced some amazing colours.

His finished painting was inspirational and we all admired it greatly. We shall put into practice all that he has taught us at our next meeting.
On the 6th of July Sue Smith will demonstrate ‘Animal Portrait in Pastels’.


Demonstration by Tracey Krupianka

The Halifax Art Society once again experienced an unforgettable morning. This time with Tracey Krupianka.

She painted some hills in acrylics using a brush, only to change them with a palette knife into mountains with a few strokes. Water got ruffled with waves created with quick movements of a flat brush. When a wonderful Scottish Scene was developed, we were given a further treat: Tracey painted amazing roses and leaves within minutes, just filling the brush with different colours of paint and then twisting the brush. We were all mesmerized!

The 27th will give members a chance to put into practice what we have seen done with palette knives.


Landscape workshop

Friday’s meeting of the Halifax Art Society was a ‘follow up’ of the previous week’s acrylic demonstration by Paul Talbot-Greaves. Some of the members were new to the use of acrylic and the advice that Paul had offered us was very useful. Some members preferred to do a landscape in their favourite medium. At the end of the meeting there were many pleasing paintings for the members to be proud of.

On the 9th February there will be a ‘Talk & Workshop’ titled ‘Mudlarking and Assemblages’.


Landscape in Acrylic

The Friday meeting of the Halifax Art Society had Paul Talbot- Greaves as their demonstrator. We are lucky to have Paul as our president and all the members know what a privilege it is to watch him paint.

Paul chose an attractive view of Cragg Vale in autumn as his subject. The scene was taken from one of his photos that he had digitally enhanced. Paul blocked in thin washes of colour, using acrylic paint on watercolour paper on which he had roughly sketched the scene.

All the painting was done with a very limited palette and flat brushes, ranging from two inches to very fine ones. Even though parts of the painting were in very dark paint, the end result was of a truly vibrant and colourful painting, which was much admired by all.

On the 2nd of February a working session will follow: ‘Landscape in any Medium’.