The Rainbow Method

Julia Ogden showed us how to paint an acrylic portrait in a very unusual way. We were asked to bring a canvas or paper ready painted in YELLOW with the image pencilled on. We added lilac for all the shadows and continued with red for any warm tones we could see. Now we added green to our lilac and then used white to make corrections and to set highlights. With a small brush we used blue to paint in the details of the eyes and any lines. A brown watery wash finished the work.


The painter of sunflowers

Paul Gauguin titled his portrait of Vincent van Gogh “The Painter of Sunflowers” and it took very little time for members to guess the subject of last Friday’s illustrated talk.

The talk was extremely well researched and presented by Lynne Hickin. None of us knew that one of van Gogh’s paintings was actually lost in a bombing, but luckily photographed just before that disaster.

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